Join Our Team and Be Your Own Boss!

Florida Realty Investments offers prospective agents an innovative alternative to the usual real estate brokerage.

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At Florida Realty Investments, we believe that most real estate professionals are entrepreneurs at heart who really want to run their own business the way they want to run it.

We believe that agents should keep 100% of their hard-earned commission, right from the beginning, not work up to a certain level of sales first. Your money is your money!

We offer optional buyer and seller leads so that every agent can take advantage of growing their business at their own pace without being subject to expensive long-term lead generation contracts.

Always 100% Commission!

Cost Saving
Standard Program

  • $350 transaction fee

Negotiator Program

  • $250 transaction fee*
  • $0 after 3rd closing of month

Closer Program

  • $30 per month
  • $75 transaction fee*
  • $0 after 3rd closing of month

*Includes efficiency discount for transactions using company preferred vendors allowing for streamlined processing

Most importantly, every agent is free to be their own boss and run their business the way you choose!